Project details:

Client: Inktober 2017
Date: 26 novembre 2017
Category: 2017, Hommages, Inktober, Portraits & personnages
Technique: Stylo noir

About the project:

Day 26
Perfection is “lean” and “taut” and “hard” — like a boy athlete of twenty, a girl gymnast of twelve. What kind of body is that for a man of fifty or a woman of any age? “Perfect”? What’s perfect? A black cat on a white cushion, a white cat on a black one … A soft brown woman in a flowery dress … There are a whole lot of ways to be perfect, and not one of them is attained through punishment.

Ursula Le Guin

Un beau carnet et 31 jours de citations, chansons, poèmes et autres extraits littéraires. 2017 : l’année où je me suis remise à dessiner pour le Challenge Inktober !